Artist Statement

In our contemporary digital world there is a constant desire to connect with other human beings.  The standard personal and physical connections have been augmented by the addition of our virtual lives. One’s identity has become inseparable from the visual portrayal of one’s life by the way of digital images, social media, and search engines. People now feel more connected to the world through the ease in which they can electronically communicate and define the self through the manifestation of interrelationships.

Electronic communication allows us to connect to more people, or share more of ourselves to the world, and the resulting relationships define the self. My mixed media sculptures highlight these digital relationships, specifically focusing on connectivity to each other and how I have stayed in contact with the people in my life through modern technologies.

Using glass as a primary medium I create futuristic landscapes and schematic sculptural forms from physical and virtual places that I have a connection, inviting the viewer to move into my mapped space of symbolic and abstract content. I incorporate found objects, enamel, foam, and wood with my glass forms to create large sculptures, which highlight the patterns of communication and connections among people. Envisioning our digital and physical worlds colliding, and my curiosity of future cities to come, drives me to fabricate the world inside my head.